Complete Inventory. Competitively Priced.

CatalystAV Wire and Cable: The Installer’s Choice

CatalystAV is more than a distributor network, we are your business partner. Our CatalystAV Wire & Cable products are supported by a consistent and cohesive distribution network across North America. We Maintain a sustainable inventory and offer same day or next-day delivery.

CatalystAV Wire & Cable is your source for speciality electronics and provide you with complete solutions for every project, ensuring high-quality products, and receiving the specialty electronics products you need “on-time” to the a leader in your market.

We offer 1,000 cables, connectors, bulk wire, and accessories. Our producs are offered in bulk. multi-pack, and individual items, Our price structure is “value-driven” allowing our customers the best margins for resale and profitability.


We supply almost every type of wire and cable, including: HDMI, residential combination, security, category, audio, optical, outdoor burial, and more.


We provide the highest level of customer service delivering the highest quality products to the market.


We maintain a value-oriented pricing structure that allows our customers to achieve the highest levels of profitability fo their own businesses.

CatalystAV offers a solution for every installation.